Using Growth Mindset to Lead and Improve Schools


The purpose of this professional study is to help school leaders recognize critical psychological factors of learning and effectively apply growth mindset strategies to improve teaching and learning success. This PLU addresses Leadership Standard 2. School improvement efforts typically focus on curriculum and pedagogy yet overlook critical psychological factors of learning (Dweck, Walton & Cohen, 2014). Students’ beliefs about their personal capacity, feelings about themselves and their school experience, and their habits of self-control have a profound effect on academic success. Encouraging continual growth that is achieved through mental frameworks, i.e., mindsets (also called non-cognitive or non-IQ skills) of optimism, personal effort, tenacity, and resilience (grit) can boost learning in ways that curriculum and pedagogical approaches alone cannot produce. Improving mindsets and subsequently improving student performance holds promise as a strategy for improving schools. Participants will create an initial implementation plan for integrating growth mindset into teaching and learning; a parent component is included.
No sections of this course are currently being offered.